Helen Baziotou


Helen Baziotou

STUDIES: Private School, with degree from ABC de Paris.
She was a student of the grand painter Dimitris Mytaras and the grand sculptor Evagelos Moustakas.
She is very active in the art scene. Also is head in cultural Section of CLUB UNESCO of the Department PIRAEUS and ISLANDS and Mail Art in Greece.
She is a member Museums. She has taken part in many exhibitions in Greece and other countries and has received awards about her work. Her work is also mentioned in art books, book who is who 2007 and 2008, newspapers and Greek and International Magazines.
Also has Painter book covers and has taken part in TV and Radio cultural shows. Her works there are in picture gallery, museums and collections.
She teaches design and color (paint). www.baziotou.blogspot.com
e-mail: e.baziotou@gmail.com ,e.baziotou@yahoo.gr

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