Tsimperdonis Athanasios (tsimp)


Tsimperdonis Athanasios (tsimp)

Date of birth: 28/1/1957
Place of birth: Lamia
Address: Kefallinias 102, Athens, Greece
Education: Graduate of University of Panteios
Occupation: employee in Ministry of Justice
Telephone: 210-8650669 (home) 697-8893007 (mobile)
E-mail: tsimpimaties@yahoo.gr Habits: he has been occupied with caricature for 20 years. In spite of being an amateur, he has taken part in four Pan-Hellenic exhibitions and he has been awarded for his participation during the fourth Pan-Hellenic exhibition, which took place in 1999, in Libadia, Greece. He is cooperating with many newspapers and magazines throughout Greece and some of his sketches have been published at “Diavima”, “Xyrafi” and “Empros Naupaktou”. He has also published two albums with his sketches “Tsimpologimata” and “Tsimpimaties”.

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  1. Καλά, το μπλοκ είναι φανταστικοοοοοοοοοοο!!! Τα σχέδια σου είναι πολύ ωραία, μου αρέσουν!!!